What we can offer to advertisers?

Interested In Advertising With Us?

Our site is a membership for financial and mortgage advisers with in the Sesame Network.

Our site is completely independent it is run by me an IFA within a Network firm for the benefit of all advisers within the network. The aim is to provide an area on the web that advisers within the network can talk to one another about industry matters and Sesame specific matters too, without feeling that they are being watched by Sesame.


In order to help support the cost of running the site I am offering advertising opportunities to those firms and individuals that would consider Independent Financial Advisers and Mortgage Advisers to be one of there target market, and even those that consider Sesame Advisers to be there specific target market. (i.e other networks, support firms etc.)

We can offer you two main types of advertising, email and on-site.

Email Advertising

As a condition of being a member of this site we insist all our members receive our emails and newsletters, by using this in the main for advising members of what is happening on the site and non bombarding them with unnecescary adverts we have excellent open and clickthrough rates.

For email advertising to our members we offer to options.

Firstly you can take out a single dedicated mailing to our membership, this is ideal if you have a specific offer incentive or deal that you want to let our members know about. For this we usually charge £75 per mailing. As I run this site with the aim of helping the members and not with the aim of using advertising to cover the costs I limit the number of these that go out.

An alternative to a dedicated mailing would be sponsorship of our "latest posts/happenings" email that goes to members approximately 4 times a months and provides a general up date on the site's developments. This type of advertising via header graphic (that can be clicked through to your site) is ideally suited to a company that wants to keep it's brand in the minds of it's target market. For this I would generally charge £15 per mailing or £50 for a full month (4 mailings).

Site Advertising

As you can see above and below the content area of the site we have 2 rectangular areas that are occupied by adverts, quite often google ads. We can offer this space for your use at a reasonable cost. There are several ways to use this space.

Exclusivity, you can purchase a space exclusively for period of time, only your advert(s) appearing there. For this we would usually charge £20 for a month for one advert if you have multiple adverts that you want to appear in the slot (i.e. when the page is reloaded it changes to another advert of yours) there is an additional fee of £2 per advert.

Shared space, exactly the same as exclusivity except you share the space with other advertisers sometimes yours loads sometimes other advertisers ads do you can buy this sort of advertising in one of two ways. You can buy by time, i.e. £10 per month per ad with no guarantee of how many times the ad will appear or you can purchase by impressions, i.e. the number of times your ad will appear and you ad will be left in place for as long as it takes to achieve that number. 250 impressions costs £10. Currently this site attracts in the region of 1200 impressions per month.

Just to re-iterate I run this site not for profit but for the benefit of the membership and thus I am open to any other suggestions you may have.

If you are interested in advertising you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by completing this form.

The above prices do not include the cost of designing your graphic adverts we assume you can supply those, if you can not we can arrange to have them created for you for an additional cost.